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Color it Green

Our Client

Sectie-C, Focus Real Estate, Gemeente Eindhoven

What We Did

Workshop development, event management

Release Date

Juli 2021

Create a green strategy for real estate

When heat stress and floods after your community, how do we bring everyone together to participate to a green strategy?

In co-creation with Stichting Sectie-C, Vereninging Sectie-C, Focus Real Estate, Yuverta, Gemeente Eindhoven and the local residents of the Sectie-C terrein, we facilitated three strategy days, in which all the different stakeholders had the opportunity to take part in the creation of a green vision for the terrein. For this event, we created a custom three day workshop, filled with activities ranging from ideation to planning, all centerd around sustainability and stakeholder management.

The event led to the development of an action plan to be implemented to mitigate the impact of climate change on the Sectie-C terrein. 

Color it Green then developed into an exhibition, demonstrating how social design and environmental design can come together when in co-creation with all the relevant stakeholders of the area.

This project has co-created and co-facilitated by Hans van Zijl and Rebecca Smeets.